Damn Penalty Kick – Montreal 0, Vancouver 3

In the Montreal stadium the Vancouver Whitecaps was able to secure a 3-0 win over the Montreal Impact.

Kenny Miller from the Whitecaps put them ahead early in the game when he scored on an early penalty kick. Camilio Sanvezzo was able to secure the win late in the game with his two scoring goals. This was the first win for the Whitecaps in six games. This was also their first win out of seven away from home games. This win has helped them secure a place in the Western Conference.

The win over the Impact has put them in sixth place in their conference. They are still 41 point behind the LA Galaxy which is the fifth place team.

The Impact was off to a slow start in this game. The offense could not score again the Whitecap goal keeper, David Ousted. They had a penalty kick in the first half of the game which did not lead to a score. This is their second loss at home in a row. They are still at 45 points in the East Conference.

The Impact got off to a slow start in the game. Within a matter of minutes Hassoun Camarawas put into the penalty box when trying to stop Matt Watson from the opposing team. Miller was able to score a goal by going to the right of goalie Troy Perkins. The Impact was given several opportunities of their own to score goals. At the 38th minute mark Patrice Bernier was taken a shot for the goal but the ball hit Jun Marques Davidson from the opposing team on the shoulder.

This was called out by referee Jorge Gonzalez. After consulting with the other referees on the field the play was called for a corner. The Impact was not too happy about this call.

Both coaches tried to make adjustments after half time. Marco Schallibaum removed some players from the first half and sent in Andrew Wenger and Daniele Paponi. Coach Martin Rennie also removed some players from the first half and sent in Russell Tiebert. The Impact was still unable to hold off the Whitecaps. The Whitecaps were able to score two more times during this game.

Perskin He was able to get a perfect shot in the top right corner of the goal. It was his 16th goal so far this season making him the third highest scorer in the league.

While many say this game had controversial calls by the referees the season is not over for either team and there is still plenty of time to change to a winning record. The Vancouver team will play the Real Salt Lake at home. Meanwhile Montreal will go to Chicago to face off against the Fire. The Impact is scheduled to play the last game of their CONCACAF Champion League before the game. They are also scheduled to play the Costa Rican CD Heredia team as well. The season is far from over for both of these teams and there is still a lot of game action to see.

I live in Montréal, Québec. I am a true fan of the Montréal Impact Soccer club. You can catch me at the game or here. Depends on my money situation.

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