Montreal Impact Fined by MLS for Swarming Referee

It seems that whatever the Montreal Impact do, they just can’t help getting themselves in trouble when they play.

Unfortunately for the Impact, this means that Major League Soccer is coming down hard on them once again.

On Wednesday, the league told the media that it has had to fine the Impact, as well as their coach, Marco Schallibaum, for an incident in a game that occurred when the team played against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

At the match, in which the team lost 3-0, the players swarmed Jorge Gonzales, the game’s referee.

Coach Marco Schallibaum has started to develop a reputation for bad behavior during the beginning of his first year with the Montreal Impact. For a grand total of five games, the coach has been suspended by Major League Soccer four times. After the most recent incident in the game against the Vancouver Whitecaps, Schallibaum received a U.S. $2,000 fine. Additional fines were levied against the soccer club in the amount of U.S. $10,000. According to officials, this was because it was the third incident in which the club violated the mass confrontation policy held by the league. Finally, Vancouver also were given an official warning for the incident, which was their first violation so far this season.

The swarming incident happened after referee Gonzales pointed in the direction of the penalty spot following an apparent hand ball by Jun Marques Davidson, a player on the Vancouver Whitecaps. This infuriated members of both teams. After this decision, which occurred in the game’s 38th minute, Gonzales talked with a fourth official about the situation and proceeded to reverse his decision. At the same time, the sporting director for the Montreal Impact, Nick De Santis, was already busy serving a suspension for one game as a result of a recent confrontation with an official. That incident occurred only the previous week as the team played against Columbus.

In addition to the penalties already mentioned, Major League Soccer levied a fine against Mario De Luna, Chivas USA defender, after he kicked out directly at Brad Davis, a midfielder for Houston Dynamo. The amount for which he was fined has not been disclosed. However, there was no foul called as a result of the play, which occurred during the 44th minute of the Saturday match. Back in May, De Luna received a one-game suspension after he shoved a ball boy when his team was playing in Portland.

I live in Montréal, Québec. I am a true fan of the Montréal Impact Soccer club. You can catch me at the game or here. Depends on my money situation.

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